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2015: Berklee College, Boston, online electronic music composition studies

2014: MET Film School, London, film postgraduate studies

2008: Fine Arts Degree (master equivalent and state certified 5year studies), Athens school of Fine Arts


2002: Master in Sociology-“Minorities and Social Exclusion”, Panteion University Of Political and Social Studies

2000: Bachelor in Social Anthropology, Panteion University Of Political and Social Studies


Design International Distinctions for ElMago, my art design alter ego:


Nominated for Earthshot Prize


Dezeen Awards - longlisted for emerging design studio of the year




"88", audiovisual installation, MOMus, Thessaloniki


"The Hearth / a 5h Element" , audiovisual installation, Pheno, Thessaloniki


Offerings to mother Earth

In situ (in nature situated) sculptural installation, Crete


I died so many times that I became Immortal

Elika Gallery, Athens



Verve in Waves

a series of land art installations at aegean coastal areas



-Cement-cultural management lessons/YOUTH ELIXIR 4ALL

/ site specific underwater installation, Naxos island, Ag.Prokopios bay

-Wiener Art Foundation / Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna: “Non Locality Principle”



- Strange & Familiar: Pontoporos Gallery, Paros



-The Excalibur, solo audiovisual installation, Lust Xmas Party, Lust magazine office, The Callas (

-Controlled Explosion / true Romance unmonumental no5 : 

audiovisual installation, solo exhibition, collaboration with Panagiotis Samsarelos, Dynamo Project Space, Thessaloniki



-WRONG SEASON site specific installation, collaboration with Panagiotis Samsarelos, Velika beach, Greece.



-A garden of Eden: UNMONUMENTAL edition no3: audiovisual installation/visual performance: The Monument 

Six Dogs Project Space Athens

- unmonumental no 2: Urban Exotica visual installation + audiovisual performance feat. Free Piece of Tape& Tassos Stamou, 

Openshowstudio, Athens

-the Death of an Emotional Replicant, installation/performance, 

The Vitrina Project, Openshowstudio, Athens




"From Earth to Thermissia", Velvet Gardens, Peloponnese


"We tell ourselves stories in order to live" Callirhoe, Athens


"All you white witches" Magic Bezesteni, Thessaloniki


-"Think like a moutnain" NEON, Samothrace

"OC-BC" State of Concept, Athens



-Daily Lazy Project Space Athens

Missing Links

-CASK Gallery Larissa

“4th Chapter”



-"Present" DaDaDa Academy Group Show@IFAC Athens

-"I started thinking with my heart and I feel smarter than ever" Openshowstudio, Athens

-Asthenia 5 zine@Grace Hotel, Athens



-Asthenia Lab @Curcuits and Currents

-Athens Performance Biennale

-Athens Biennale: OMONOIA

-"Kάτι το πολύ ωραίον" / "Something of Exquisite Beauty" 

Elika Gallery, Athens

-"You're so horny and romantic, I wanna fall in Love" 

Snehta Residency, Athens



-Luminus Flux, Syros Art Institute, Campus Novel




-Milkshake-agency project space, Geneve: “Public Domain”

-"Dayz of Glory" Openshowstudio




-ART VERONA: Mass independent Fractionation, group exhibition

-CAN gallery: Chills and Thrills, group exhibition, Athens

-REMAP 4 :Homo Universalis, Athens

-ART ATHINA : Dadada Restaurant, DADADA Academy



-THE NEWSPAPER SHOW, group exhibition, the Breeder gallery, Athens



-OCC, group exhibition, TinT gallery, Thessaloniki,/ Cyprus, Limessol

-XYZ outlet 10: Stelios Karamanolis & Toula Ploumi: The Collection Group exhibition

-TAF foundation: Undisclosed Recipients, group exhibition



-Vitrina Project:The Group Show, Οpenshowstudio

-Diares of Fire: Kakogiannis Foundation



-The Open Mind of Leykadios Hern: American College of Greece

-Abstraction: American College of Greece

-Urban: Skouze 3, Athens





2018: Immortals - Aphrodite Music Awards SEMIFINALIST

2017:The Pirate Boy- Toronto Short Film Festival

2017: The Pirate Boy -BEST EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC VIDEO at Τhe Monkey Bread Tree Awards, an IMDb event. Best Experimental Short Film in Switzerland International Film Festival. Official selection Toronto Short Film Festival 2018

2016: LA Underground Film Forum ( "A WAY TO GET BY")

2016: Indy Hype, Sydney ("I Only Talk To Strangers") 

2011: Festival Miden, international video art festival, Kalamata(free documentary “Samples Returns”)

2008: International short film Festival of Naoussa (free documentary “man on the moon”)

2006: International Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki (free documentary “ragoutsaria”)

2006: “digital freaks install da noise” video art festival, Athens ,Gazi



2023: "a 5th Element" collector's edition as an art object/part of the installation series

2018: "Immortals" EP, ToPikap Records

"Selana" Greek female electronic musicians compilation, Nutty Wombat Records





Synesthesia and electromagnetic waves -

Art as frequency

University of Suffolk , UK


-Re-enchantment of the art and the 2nd sex 

in the frame of an Art and Gender lectures series University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 

-The fetishism of the imported in the Greek art market and its consequences on the local art scene/ Art Athina 2013, Athens


-Self organization as self determination/ Moni Lazariston, state contemporary art Museum




Athens, Greece based contemporary audiovisual artist and experimental director and electronic music producer.

Studied Social Sciences (BA in Social Anthropology, MA in Social Philosophy), Fine Arts, Film Studies and electronic music production.

Exhibits in Greece and internationally. 

Is the initiator of environmental activist projects and founder of Openshowstudio project platform. (

Lives and works in Athens and Aegean Sea. 

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