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*This work came as an answer to an uncomfortable situation I felt called as an artist to “resolve”. At a remote region of Crete, where I usually isolate my self to work during summer, I had to manage a contradiction I was experiencing. Οn the one hand, the aesthetic disharmony caused by cheap plastic non recyclable or re-usable materials made greenhouses, dominating the scenery to an extreme. On the other hand, the feeling of gratitude springing out of the awareness that this intense agricultural activity is what is keeping the place financially independent and thus free from extreme tourist exploitation and the permanent natural destruction it would cause. I got the material from the local agricultural supplies stores and worked on it hanging it from the trees in the garden of the village house I was living, turning it into psychedelic veils that blend harmonically into the natural environment, rather functioning as…aesthetic amplifiers of its revitalizing energy

UNTITLED LANDART / LANDSCAPE DESIGN at a detached house in a village that lies at the skirts of Thessaloniki city,  that gradually turns into a suburban area. Using scrap marbles and stones that I mostly found (and salvaged) at nearby businesses that mainly develop their work in urban and peri-urban properties, I created a biophilic design garden that resists the urban aesthetics gradually intruding the once simple coastal fishermen village. 

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